Psychotherapy & Counselling

I am a fully qualified and registered analytic psychotherapist with over twenty years clinical experience. I work with a wide range of people from many different walks of life and cultures, offering both long term analytic psychotherapy and short term focused therapy and counselling. I have always endeavoured to reflect in my practice the specificity and diversity of culture, class and gender.

At its most effective therapy can be a life changing process enabling people to feel more effective and fulfilled in their life. Psychotherapy provides a safe and confidential space in which to address current problems and where unresolved difficulties from the past can be explored and worked through, giving a greater sense of freedom and hope for the future.

An analytic therapist has undergone an intensive training over several years in sensitive listening and attunement which aims to help the person talk about things which may not have been fully conscious, problems which perhaps show themselves only in self defeating and painful behaviour. Working through these patterns and difficulties within a safe and confidential relationship can bring about a feeling of greater spaciousness of mind and body, greater self-awareness and the relief of suffering.

“You yourself as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection”


Analytic and psycho-dynamic psychotherapy is at the core of my clinical practice but I also integrate ideas and techniques from different therapeutic models. I endeavour to enrich my work by drawing on different ideas and ways of working and am firmly client-centred in the sense that I use what I feel will be most helpful to each particular individual. The use of transference and counter transference, attachment theory mindful practice and many other theoretical and clinical ideas continue to facilitate my analytic practice.

I am excited by recent developments in our understanding of emotional problems and the interplay between our brains and bodies which neuro-science is uncovering. I endeavour to keep up to date with theoretical and clinical developments in my own and related professions and to integrate these into my practice.

“The great lie is that we are going to live forever.

The great truth is we’re living forever now.”

Michael Eigen